Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This was Finn's first Halloween. While he is 2 years old, I feel certain in his previous life he never was involved in the fun of this holiday.

First, of course, there is the costume. This is difficult for a wolfhound, there are no pet costumes big enough. Even the adult human costumes I looked at were not going to fit. I felt pretty confident of my ability to force him into something, but size is an issue.

We settled on Pirate. he already had the kerchief for his neck that I bought at Dogfest. I picked up a foam hat at Micheals, added a red plume and string to tie it on, and voila! I contemplated one of our vests and a pair of ragged pants (we have a whole container full of Pirate costumes), but there was no way it was going to fit.

Here is the photo..note his enthusiasm. 5 seconds after this photo he pulled the hat off. Oh well.

We had our first group of kids, and Finn greeted them at the door. With the mom's permission, I let Finn out to say hi.

Finn was ecstatic! Kids kept coming to the door! He got petted, scratched, and he got to sniff and lick all these kids. He spent the rest of the night at the front door waiting, watching the road and sidewalk, and when he spotted some 'trick or treaters,' he would start to whine and wag his tail.

So the costume part wasn't so much fun for him, but the kids coming by to see him was his favorite. He also managed to snark up a piece of dropped candy before I could stop him on our walk this morning, so another bonus for his version of the holiday, LOL!

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